Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Secret to Confidence

How comfortable are you in a bikini? How about just in shorts? The answer for me was "not as confident as I should be". Even after working out for over six months I still didn't feel like I could pull of a bikini perfectly. When working out, and dedicating so much of your time to something results are expected and confidence should come with it. One day I went bikini shopping and I just didn't feel like I looked as great as I felt. I had been working on my abs for awhile so that couldn't be the problem. The problem was my legs. So after that day I dedicated 75% of my workout to my legs. I decided if this is what is limiting my confidence then I am going to everything I can to fix it. Here I am a month later and feel like I have conquered what was holding me back. I not only feel more confident in my clothing, I feel more confident in my work out and am performing 100% better than I was a month ago. What was my secret to this huge boost of confidence?

Squat it up Ladies! These may seem like a very manly exercise to perform but there is a reason behind all the hype. They work wonders on leg definition and work wonders on the butt (that's where the confidence will come from;)! This confidences isn't going to come within the first week or even the second week. I almost quit because they were just too difficult, but I am so glad I didn't! I start with just squatting 50 pounds. You might have to start with less depending on what your legs can handle. Perfect this before you move on. Make sure you can perform at least three sets of 12 at 50 pounds before you even think about adding more weights. With this you are building your base. After you have done this add 5-10 pounds and perfect that and keep going till you reach your goals. I saw the most progress when I got up to 100 pounds. Once you conquer this strenuous exercise you will feel like you can accomplish anything. It is such an uplifting feeling and will motivate you to keep pushing yourself.
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