Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Habits, Habits, Habits.

Do you have something you do everyday? Why do you do this?
The reason is repetition. That's all it takes to start a healthy lifestyle, you just have to start. Start having a veggie with dinner every night, start adding fruit to your lunch everyday. When starting a healthy habit it doesn't have to be all or nothing, A habit is learned and can be added to. Just think of it this way; when you start your healthy lifestyle you are a "beginner" but slowly you will evolve to the "intermediate" stage then finally to the "expert" stage. Of course this will NOT happen over night, it won't even happen in a month. You have to teach yourself, and slowly evolve your habits it to nothing but healthy.

One healthy habit leads to another. I realized that the more I ate healthy the more motivation I had to workout. I figured since I'm feeding my body right why not make it look like it. So I began working out. This habit is more challenging to start than most. (It did not happen overnight...it actually took me about six months to make it an "expert" habit). When I started working out it led me to try to eat even better than I already was. I was putting in so much work at the gym that I would remember that and choose the best option for me health. Working out made me accountable for what I ate. This is why getting exercise mixed into your routine is so important.

Eat healthy so you have the fuel to workout and workout so you have the accountability to eat healthy!

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