Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Up and at 'em

"Whats your secret?", "How do I look like that?", "What am I doing wrong?"

These are just a few of the question I get when people come to me for advice on losing weight and becoming healthy. Its a hard question to answer, but in this post will reveal one essential part to it....METABOLISM. 

People will usually say, "I have great metabolism!" or "My metabolism is slow." What they may not know is that YOU can control YOUR metabolism! 

Controlling it starts with my favorite meal of the day, Breakfast! Breakfast is the meal that gets your body started for the day. Its important to eat a large healthy breakfast (you want this to be your largest meal of the day). Sorry, donuts will not help you in anyway in the morning. Some good metabolism boosting breakfast ideas are; Eggs and turkey sausage, oat meal with flax seed and toast, sweet potatoes, veggies, Greek yogurt...ect. *I will post breakfast recipes soon*.  If you have to add tons of butter or syrup then its probably not going to help boost your metabolism. Once you get in the habit of eating a large healthy breakfast in the morning you will start to see your metabolism speed up and it will show in your weight loss. Along with this sped up metabolism will also come more energy throughout the day and more motivation to eat healthier for the rest of your day. People say a good day starts with a smile...not me a say a good day starts with a good breakfast!

Once you get your metabolism started for the day its important to keep it going. A great way to do this is to drink 8 glasses of water a day. I can't emphasis enough how important this is. Water, like breakfast, is essential for wight loss and staying healthy. Be sure that EVERYDAY you are getting your 8 glasses (or more) of water a day.

If you plan on putting these secrets to action and have questions, concerns, or comments just let me know know by commenting on this post or messaging me through any social media site...I'm here for you guys!


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